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By Jeremy Shipman on January 17, 2013.

SilverStripe is a Content Management System (or CMS for short) that allows website owners to add and update content on their website with ease. SilverStripe is ideal for both users that have little technical knowledge, or simply anyone who can use a browser.

Burnbright has chosen to build all it's websites with SilverStripe, and our clients enjoy using it. See our portfolio.

Broad SilverStripe Feature Overview

  • Edit Content with Ease: Use the simple tree menu to add/update a page, edit the content, and see draft changes in the preview. Publish changes when you are ready.
  • Rich Media: You are not restricted to text, but you can also add images, video and some other media to your pages.
  • Design Freedom: any design you can imagine can be implemented for use with SilverStripe.
  • Members-only Sections: designate some pages to those with a log-in.
  • Control Permissions: decide who can use specific parts of the CMS.
  • Numerous Add-ons & Customisation Potential: you can later add more features, such as an online shop, a forum, blog/news articles, event calendar, social network integration, and more.

SilverStripe Editor


This video demonstrates some of the features of silverstripe: http://vimeo.com/53125346

SilverStripe Community

SilverStripe is open-source software, meaning that there are many companies and developers working on/with SilverStripe. The software has been downloaded over half a million times, and is used in all corners of the world.

Exhaustive Feature List

  • Templates can be as flexible as desired
  • Geared up for non-technical users
  • Site tree for viewing hierarchical page structure
    • Drag-and-drop page reordering
    • List view to paginate through large numbers of pages
  • Scalable: a few pages, or tens of thousands of pages
  • Rich text editor: produces html, rather than just plain text.
  • Constrained content editing. Designer will create design, and any loaded content will conform to the designer's look and feel.
  • Easily link to content within website, or to external websites.
  • Drag images from desktop to upload.
  • Re-size, images in editor
  • Embed videos, slide shows and other media.
  • Draft vs public changes. View site as it will be, before publishing.
  • Multi-lingual content editing. Add different languages.
  • Page settings: page type, menu/search visibility, security, show comments
  • Edit meta-data, allowing SEO flexibility
  • Versioned pages: view all past page edits. Preview, and revert back to old page versions.
  • Add page types.
  • Copy content from Word / Google Docs, and retain appropriate formatting.
  • Site wide settings: site name, site slogan
  • Form builder. Get results emailed to you. View all results online. Download results as CSV.
  • See which pages have broken links, with the broken links report.

SilverStripe Limited

The SilverStripe CMS/framework was created by a Wellington, NZ based company of the same name: 'SilverStripe LTD'. They have an impressive portfolio of websites that includes Westpac, New Zealand Lotteries, and Plunket. See more big name websites choosing SilverStripe.

In 2013, SilverStripe was also chosen by the New Zealand government to provide a 'Common Web Platform' to New Zealand government departments. This means that many departments in the future will have websites running on the SilverStripe CMS/framework, and can benefit from improvements made across these different department websites. The open source community will also benefit from some of these improvements.


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